I am about to switch from Cymbalta to Pristiq and was wondering if you had been taking anything before the Pristiq . im feeling more positive, less tired....i went out to dinner with my dad last night, and it was something i really didn't have the drive to do before....i never wanted to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone.

All rights reserved. Keep on smiling!Sorry you had a bad experience Kimberly.

I'm about half way through my third week on Pristiq and the anxiety seems a lot better the last few days. I think I am going to contact my doctor tomorrow to see what I should do, as I think the 100mg I am taking is just too much. It takes time though, when you first begin taking it...and I think the hardest part was just waiting for it to kick in. DEPRESSION & ANXIETY MEDICATIONS - LOOKING FOR ANSWERS Copyright © 2004-2020 The Depression Forums Incorporated - A Depression & Mental Health Social Community Support Group. It is a hell AD to go on and come off but l have no choice as the alternative is not an option. If it makes me feel worse, I will slowly go off of it. Keep on trying and good luck!I started Pristiq about the same time as you did, Elaina, and I am very happy with the result.I had been on Lexapro 15mg for years and it stopped working for me about a year ago. Pristiq specifically impacts the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, both of which are thought to be dysregulated in people with panic disorder. Other common SNRIs include Dr. Star is a professional counselor, and she is trained in creative art therapies and mindfulness. tanthe medicine used to make me grind my teeth at night when i would sleep or clench my jaw or something because i would wake up and my jaw would feel sore...so i dont know...i know a few other people have experienced that on pristiq as well.....but that doesnt happen anymore....so if anyone is having that symptom it will go away....oh and something else i wanted to add....my doctor didnt give me anything for my extreme anxiety attacks that i was having because he said the pristiq would help with that as well....and i mean im talking about some really heavy duty anxiety attacks....for no reason at all....i would be laying in bed at night trying to fall asleep and i would just get these waves of extreme anxiety, and i say waves because they would come in waves....u know, they would last for like 3 minutes at a time....but only would subsiide for a minute or two and then i would get another one....it was terrible!as bad as they were i was thinking my doctor was a real jerk for not giving me something like valium or xanax .....but i swear to god the anxiety attacks stopped almost immediately from the first day of the pristiq......it took a week for them to go away completely, now i dont have anxiety like that at all ....i mean granted if there is a logical reason for the anxiety then i will still have some....but i mean thats normal.....its not like it makes you numb to human emotion, it just took care of the random, unexplained anxiety that was so persistant for no good reason!so anyways...im off to take a shower....little one is finally in bed and its me time now! More importantly, babies exposed to drugs similar to Pristiq during the third trimester of pregnancy experienced tremors, difficulty breathing, and seizures. You are not alone!!! I have had depression and anxiety for many years and have been on paxil the past 10.

I was asking more for after pregnancy. I had the same side effects and very bad anxiety for the first week or so..... appetite completely went. I know we had a chat in one of your other posts.Thanks, it's true, Pristiq is not approved for pregnancy. All rights reserved. I have been taking pristiq since October 15th 2009, and i was a little skeptical @ first because i didnt notice any major changes. Katharina Star, PhD, is an expert on anxiety and panic disorder. I started feeling happy about life again about 2 weeks ago.

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