Dubai International Airport has announced that some new baggage rules will soon be introduced for passengers.

Why is it that you offer visa free travel to us when we don’t offer it to you? And similar idiots like you will still be writing in these blogs about how they went to Dubai and all is fair, while you rot in jail with no one to hear or speak up for you.Are these the same medicines that are listed on the banned substances list?I never heard of anyone being thrown in jail for 4 years because the customs officer was in a bad mood.I gather you don’t/won’t visit the UAE?

If they were lower we’d have people on here complaining they were too low.Plus they’re nothing out of the ordinary. Would a temporary South African passport be acceptable to enter Dubai. It appears that you can take a knife in your checked baggage but not in your carry-on baggage. Could someone set me straight?Mildred. I am a 25 year old female from the US.I was supposed to be travelling to Bangkok in the next two days, but transiting in Dubai. Find out more. That is fully acknowledged in the comments in this section. If you are incapable of following a rule which they have made pretty clear, than getting in trouble is your own fault.

I then immediately checked in again and was stopped and taken in for questioning. And I could go on. Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and bother the others, drink it for yourself, no problem.
The airport is a doddle to go through, much better than Heathrow. If you want otherwise, there are loads of places to go for that.I have just returned from Dubai. I cleared the previous 4 security checks and confirmed with security that it was fine (not classified as a weapon nor ammunition). If cocaine and prostitutes is being a good Muslim, then they have different ideas than me.I lived in UAE and northern Oman for 2 months and will be returning for another 2 month stay in less than a week. Practically, everybody breaks this rule. In the paper today, a 75 year old man is in court for being in possesion of codeine for back pain. In addition, any bag that did not have a flat surface of any kind could cause a jam. Luckily I washed everything twice and took extra precautions to ensure I was clean. Some basic drugs are banned in Greece too.Sagree, no Dubai does not accept any temporary passports. Although rare, there have been a few cases where people have had drugs in their blood and been charged with possession.If I am travelling to London from Dubai can I take 2 bottles of wine in my suitcase or is alcohol only allowed “in” and not “out” ?So what I understood that no alcohol is allowed in checked in baggage when departing Dubai. Should I get rid of original box or is it ok to bring it in its original package? The Dubai Airports have finally rolled out the world’s fastest free wi-fi connection which will benefit millions of passengers that pass through DXB each month. Dubai International Airport.
Should I delete them off my computer or do they not matter?You will be ok. You are not importing pornographic videos. And do you think for a second, that one of their people wouldn’t be treated a certain way in our country if they came over with things that we specifically said WERE NOT ALLOWED?! An hour later they let me go but kept the magazines saying is was classified as a dangerous item. The cab the driver had to get it cleaned and deodorized which cost him a day’s pay because he drove days and someone else drove nights! For example, I’ve just looked at the regulations for knives on the Emirates website. It gets you arrested and imprisoned. One commentator mentioned how it was hard to get a smile out of anyone in the UAE. It took Tracey Wilkinson 8 weeks to get out of jail. Change the laws to allow you in with all your tourist dollars!Find a temporary replacement to take that isn’t banned and you will be fine.Why are you such a loser? My advice is to boycott the place, its airline and all its businesses, and to tell all your business associates and friends to do likewise. The cabin bag should have a maximum length of 56 cm, the width of 45 cm and a depth of 25 cm.The liquid items should be sealed in a plastic bag and can’t be more than 100 ml.Planning to travel soon? Anywhere that supplies alcohol is 21+. The day we left a taxi turned up at our hotel with a young man lying diagonally across the back seat. I’ve never even really noticed a police presence in Dubai. I am in no way a drug user of any kind, but just the thought of getting arrested for having three poppy seeds off a bread roll on my clothes makes me think I must cancel my trip with Emirates and take a more lenient airline.I have lived in Abu Dhabi for all the 18 years of my life and moved to canada for university. I would let everyone in that airport look through my bags if I didn’t have to put up with that again. Even though I have no desire to break the laws of the UAE, it seems like it would be very difficult and expensive not to. It was sealed and we had the receipt. Those that can’t accept other cultures should stay in their houses. I don’t think it’s much to expect for some diversity in their language skills.

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